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Distinguishing a Living Will From a Will

20 Sep
Living Trust & Estate Planning

One of the most common estate planning requests I get is to draft a living will.  While this is great because everyone needs one, I have found that many people are confusing a living will with another document, such as a will or even a living trust.  This post will explain what a living will […]

The Importance of Using an Attorney in Estate Planning

05 Jun

Today the San Diego Union Tribune had an article titled “Communication about End-of-Life Wishes Does Not Frequently Occur.” (see link below)  It was an interesting read for a couple reasons.  First, it shined light on the fact that so many people are not setting up adequate estate planning.  The article cites that 70% of people […]

The Basics of Estate Planning

17 May

It is common for people to approach me and say they need to setup an “estate plan,” but when I dive a little deeper and ask what they are looking for many people don’t know where to begin.  While every person’s situation is different, the most frequent estate plan I draft for people centers around […]