Home Office Deduction: New and Improved

15 Dec

home officeFor those of you that work from home there is some good news for the 2013 tax year.  The IRS has rolled out a simplified process for claiming the home office deduction.  In years past the deduction hinged on the office’s square footage as a percentage of the total dwelling.  The new method allows for a much easier calculation:  $5 per square foot, with a 300 square foot max, or $1,500.

In addition to the simplified calculation, the new method has the following differences from past years:

  • home related itemized deductions claimed in full on Schedule A
  • no deprecation deduction
  • no recapture of deprecation upon sale of home
  • amount in excess of gross income limitation may not be carried over
  • loss carryover from use of regular method in prior year may not be claimed

Of course the same rules apply, that the home office must be exclusively used on a regular basis for business purposes.  While these restrictions didn’t change, the fact remains that the new method is much easier to calculate the home office deduction.  Additionally, it could create a larger home office deduction for those with lower mortgage payments or rents, or smaller home offices in relation to the entire dwelling.


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